Hi Tracy,

I have a corgi with DM who has hydrotherapy at Utah Pet Rehab, and one of the physical therapists, Pat, recommended your sling for Sassy–and I am overjoyed with how this has been helping her! She’s been using her cart since April 2017, but in the fall she started to get really stubborn about using it, and had pretty much stopped walking. I was at my wit’s end with this because I knew the only thing that will keep her coping with her DM is to stay strong in her core and front legs, and she just wasn’t getting the exercise to make that happen. But with the sling she wants to walk a lot again! She even runs in it! I am beyond thrilled to have my girl active again. I have been singing your praises on my corgi DM group on Facebook–so if you’re starting to get inquiries from corgi people out of state, those are coming from my recommendation. Your slings are so well made and the long handles makes it so much easier for me to support her back end and not hurt myself. So thank you so much for your quality product! I don’t have a photo of Sassy in her sling, but here is one of her in her wheels.

Thank you!
Miriam Valere

Tracy ~ Thank you so much for the excellent service!  The lifter arrived last night, about 6:45PM, due to our bad weather.  It came just as you promised.  It has made it so much easier to get Annie in and out of the house.  I will definitely see that your cards are given to our vet clinics where we are patients.  I am also giving some to my friend to give to her vet.

It was so thoughtful of you to include the note about Annie.  Surgery is scheduled for March 11th.  Right now, her spirits are good, she’s eating well, but not using the hind left leg at all.  I think whenever we put our poochies through something like this, it’s harder on us than them.  Annie’s spunky personality is still there, but, oh, those sad, doleful Basset Hound eyes-they tug at your heart.  The vets think she’ll do just fine.  They said the dogs adapt better than their owners.

Thank you for everything…Kathleen Mueller”

I love the belly lift, It help me save my Casper when he has a stroke, He didn’t want a cart and he couldn’t walk but with a lot of work he regain the use of his legs, And because we used the belly lift, He was able to use what he could to walk and I could help him with the rest, and because it is comfortable for the pet and long enough handle for owner it is so easy to use ?

Connie Prows –

“This was a huge help for us when our Tracker got sick. Now I have another aging Springer Spaniel and I can tell there will a time when I will be glad I have one in the house for her.”

Judith Z


Hello ! We just received our BELLY LIFT today,


Our Golden is 15 years old with several age related problems and he is a big Golden. 8 months ago he was at 125 he is down to 98 pounds, due  cancer/chemo and a couple of surgeries. We have used several different  lifters, most just not wide enough or strong enough, all seemed to buckle under him putting more strain on him and me. His back legs are very weak he is unable to get up on his own,once he’s up he’s ok,we’ve had to help him for a couple of years now. Our vet uses your belly lift and when I saw it I just knew that was THE one.

It is perfect. Material is great, easy to clean, it doesn’t buckle, it is very wide & strong, we just love it & had to let you know !

Chris in Texas

Hi guys

I wanted to thank you again for the demo belly lifts you have given us. I am still impressed with how well they stand up to the constant use and repeated washings. We have even been known to use them on very large dogs that are not stable on all 4 feet, whether due to anesthesia or weakness caused by illness. They are great! Depending on the week, we will wash them on a daily basis or even multiple times a day. The first one is almost 2 years old, it is still almost new. The second belly lift is in even better shape. Thank you for your support in the past. We hope to keep our great relationship with you.

Faith Redmond
Brickyard Animal Hospital

Hello Tracy of Flying Paws

Big Dog Belly Lifts
We have two dogs CoCo and Cloe and they love to go to our cabin. We have an Explorer and load it with food and whatever and our dogs.  One of the problems has been to get Cloe into the vehicle. She is a vertically challenged and weighs ninety pounds! Cloe cannot jump into the backseat like CoCo so this has been our problem trying to find a way to comfortably help her into the vehicle.

Thank God for the Big Dog Belly Lift!

Now I can wrap the Belly Lift around her and help Cloe into our vehicle with ease. Thank you again for your wonderful product. Oh and Cloe thanks you too!

Jim Hawks
Hawkart Design Services

If you have questions or would like quantity pricing contact me tracy@flyingpaws.biz