Beau’s Story

On July 21st of 2007, my big dog Beau passed away.  I would like to think that his legacy will be the creation of the Big Dog Belly Lift and the difference it has made in the lives of many dogs.

In the past ten years I have worked with many dog owners who were trying to improve the quality of their dogs lives whether it be for a short time (after surgery) or during the end of their dogs lives. The lift enabled the dogs to walk outside without pain or get in car again to go for a ride. I worked with a yellow lab that had lost one leg to cancer and injured the second leg while playing Frisbee. There was no keeping this dog down. We were able to give her the assistance she needed to recover from her injury and play Frisbee again.

I was so blessed to have a dog like Beau and I know that the product we created assisted him in his last years. I hope that Flying Paws and the Big Dog Belly Lift will be able to help many more dogs in the future.

Sincerely, Tracy Thomas Owner – Flying Paws

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