About Us

The Story behind Flying Paws Big Dog Belly Lifts

Founded in 2001 by Tracy Thomas, Flying Paws provides unique orthopedic dog accessories and rehabilitation aids along with great customer support. Through our commitment, experience, expertise and innovation in product design, Flying Paws has established a relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

In Feb 2001, our four-year old German Shepherd Mix, Beau, underwent a cruciate repair procedure called TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy). One week later he underwent the same procedure on the second knee. The post-op instructions suggested we use a bath towel to assist Beau for the first few days. Beau is over 100 pounds and a bath towel was neither supportive nor stable. In order to solve this problem, we created The Big Dog Belly Lift.

We used the Big Dog Belly Lift to assist Beau during the follow-up vet visits and found that others needed help too. Large dog owners as well as the staff of the veterinary clinic were interested in a better way to assist their big dogs. We hope you will find The Big Dog Belly Lift as helpful as we do.

If you have questions or would like quantity pricing contact me tracy@flyingpaws.biz